Core Institute

Core Institute Web Design

Core Institute

Client Needs

Web Design
Brand Consultation and Art Direction
Branded Images (Graphic Design for 20+ pages)
Dynamic Forms (Donation and Lead Generation Forms)

Client Brief

The Core Institute Team needed a huge overhaul of their existing website. We upgraded the look and feel of the site while concentrating on the following elements to make the site pop:

  • Color Palette
  • Image Placement
  • Functions & Features


When kicked off the project with the Core Institute Team to discuss their vision, creative direction and color palette. Ultimately, we decided to go with bold and big with images that would immediately grab their end users attention and interest. In addition, we added a smooth green color palette with a solid grey patterned footer that ends the way it begins, bold and smooth.

Last, they needed a way to capture donations and leads so we designed into the framework forms to help them in their efforts.

Client: Core Institute Date: Summer 2015