Allen Parr

Allen Parr Web Design

Allen Parr

Client Needs

Brand Consultation
Creative Strategy
Web Design
Branded Images (Ebook Graphic layout, Sermon Graphic Layout, Blog Graphic Layout)
Youtube Channel Graphics
Facebook Page Graphics
Digital Downloads area for Sermons and eBooks
Newsletter Subscription

Client Brief

Allen Parr needed a branded look and feel for his personal brand that would not only convey his love for God and also his ministry efforts in four areas:

  • Videos
  • Audio Sermons
  • eBooks
  • Blogs


We emulated many elements found on leadership expert and thought leader Michael Hyatt’s website. In addition, we wanted to make the focal point of Allen’s brand look and feel about Christ and foremost and not Allen. More, I created branded images and a colorful blue hue filled palette as a foundational piece for all of his graphics across the different platforms (Youtube and Facebook) he’d eventually end up using to reach his audience.

We also added a ton of features that would allow targeted consumers to listen and download sermons, read ebooks and sign up for newsletters.

Client: Allen Parr Date: Spring 2015